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Countdown to Dr Who 50th Anniversary

I have just finished reading, on my Kindle, Dr Who: The Spear of Destiny by Marcus Sedgwick and quickly downloaded the fourth tale of this wonderful series. For those of you who don’t know, these stories are exclusively available for download onto your Kindle from Amazon; each month, we are treated to a new Dr Who adventure leading up to the celebration of the 50th anniversary in November.

11 months: 11 Doctors.

Goes the advertising. So, in January, we had a rather poorly received First Doctor adventure. Unfortunately written by Eion Colfer who is a rather good writer. His handle of the first of the doctor’s though was not great. February got us on track with a rather simple but effective tale with (sensing a pattern?), the Second Doctor. I have just finished the third adventure (hang on a minute, it’s June!).

Yes, I have fallen way behind in my reading, but hey. I recently got The Lost Symbol from the library and will whisper to you that I enjoyed it.

So, why mention the adventures of the Doctor on this page? Well, I love the idea of giving us paperless, e-book readers the chance for something exclusive other than free or relatively free books. The idea is great, and, as my holiday starts at the end of July, I will be able to take my one portable device and catch up on the fifth, sixth and seventh adventures. 

This is exactly what I love about the Kindle and I do become tired of people going on about how they prefer books and blah and blah. Yes, books are great; they are not going to disappear overnight, if at all; the same things were said about television and the cinema; or radio, or any other kind of media that you can  think of has always come under threat yet it has survived. LP’s for instance; the re-emergence of cassettes.

Some people that I know decry the fact that I am a lover of books and I read a Kindle. I see nothing wrong with such a thing. I go to the library, I get books, I read them, I see a new release, I decide to download it, I read that. I go to the bookshop, love the cover and treat myself to a hardy hardback. I have a choice, much in the same way I did before. I just wish that the publishers would recognise that some of us can’t afford to buy a hardback all of the time, so stop making the Kindle price more expensive!



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