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Guerilla Marketing

This week I have been looking into different ways to try and market my work. It is a minefield! I started the week by going to the library (as I am paper-free I can’t buy a book) and they had nothing, I repeat, nothing, about marketing for independent authors. I guess that no-one in Tunbridge Wells gives a damn about selling their books. To begin with, all I could find was information about print-runs; bookstore appearances; signings; launches; blah di blah. (Great if you have a printed copy, pretty useless if you go armed with a Kindle!)

Then a word came into my head: GUERILLA. I searched the webstacle and guess what I found?


It’s all on here. There are e-books about how to effectively sell your e-books; there are websites that take you through each step. I won’t list them here, simply because there are so many and all you have to do is (ssshhh…Google) or Bing guerilla marketing and you are there, for whatever need you have.

Once in I sat back and watched how others did it. One image that struck me particularly I found on a fellow WordPress bloggers site (Miss. Tilly) from the airline KLM. They had a wonderful stand of a man sitting back and reading the paper; what attracted attention to it was that the man appeared to be hovering in mid-air. It looked amazing; there was no selling; no pushing…it was all about pulling.

That seems to be the word for guerilla tactics: pulling. Whereas traditionally companies would want to push their product out into the public domain,  in most cases aggressively, the alternative, and more creative, approach is to pull customers towards you. Use various devices to attract them towards you; gravity.

We do this anyway. Socially or on social networks, we are talking and attracting others to come by and converse with us. It is how Twitter works. I was spellbound by KLM’s video and I recommend anyone to go along to the blog and take a look.

Another author/artist who is attracting my interest is HMC ( ; she seems to be creating a buzz with a beautiful trailer for her forthcoming book, for which I do not know the release date; as well as displaying her wonderful art. Her tweets are getting her noticed and again, this is attracting people into her world. As a result, I check out her work, follow her and then wait with anticipation for the book. (I hope there is one!)

Recently, I saw on Twitter that author Richard House, through PanMacmillan, was giving away free copies of his new e-book in return for a tweet. Pay with a Tweet is another great way to get your work noticed; it can inspire conversations about you and send flocks of people to your site. There is no better marketing ploy than to give something away and at the cost of a mention, there is nothing bad about that. Unfortunately though, things can go wrong, and I hope that there was such a flurry of interest to his site that the reason I could not post a tweet because it would not let me is because of that. As it happens, I gave up and then could not find Richard House or his book The Kills anywhere on the web.

Because being noticed in your circle is not enough ultimately; it is about search engines, and if you don’t come up near the top, it is a struggle.

What I love about all these people and many more is the creativity; the willingness to take a chance with something that others can learn from. As an author, and like many authors, I am terrible at marketing; but I try and if I read enough, persevere and create something unique, then who knows what could happen; because I am also an artist whose only limitations are my own.

The Sublime Maisie Canon is a book about zombies. One idea I have at the moment is to re-create a small zombie scene in my local town centre. If anyone has any ideas about how I could make this work, then please do leave a bit of advice below.

Thanks for your time.


One response to “Guerilla Marketing

  1. I.Thraves ⋅

    How about writing a short play about zombies a bit like the Rocky Horror Show.

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