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To Lovefilm or not Lovefilm, all because of Dredd

Part of my paper-free routine for the year means that I cannot purchase any DVD’s or CD’s; in other words, any movies or music I may wish to listen has to be downloaded or borrowed from my local library. This is fine in principle, as I rarely buy movies these days (since hitting forty, or even late thirties, I have become a lot more choosy over the films that I own; they have to be excellent to grace my shelf), this shouldn’t be a problem. However my local library stocks a limited number of new releases, so keeping up to date is going to be a challenge; but the biggest challenge is likely to be finding time to watch movies that I have rented out. Last week we went to the library and they had a special Monday deal where you can hire movies three for two for the whole week. Great, I thought, three movies, easy. So we hired Tower Heist, Public Enemies and Cabin in the Woods; Monday evening started with Tower Heist, an average comedy from Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy with Casey Affleck being the standout performer. Tuesday came and went; Wednesday I had my children overnight; Thursday we cooked a nice meal and chatted; Friday something happened and Saturday I was at a wedding. Sunday night we celebrated a birthday and now it is Monday and I have two films to watch before 6pm when the library closes. The thing is that this isn’t a one-off: this always happens when we get too many movies in one go, we average about one movie a week. So, because there is a lot to do today and we had talked about going to the cinema at lunch time then I am going to have to take the movies back without chance to see the ones I actually wanted to see because we saw the worst one first in all likelihood (It may that we saw the best one, but Cabin in the Woods looks excellent).

Walking past the ticking clock of doom that is HMV the other day I chanced to see that Dredd had been released. I wanted to see this when it came out, but because we are a small town and the movie did not play well in other larger areas our cinema thought it wouldn’t be worthwhile showing it. Shame, because we should be supporting British movies and perhaps it didn’t do well because small-time cinema managers only show crap American Blockbusters. The only reason we got The Artist last year was because it was playing well enough and had all the Oscar nominations. Our local Odeon (cough) had to change their programme to accommodate…foolish and negligent in my view. So, Dredd never got an audience but was by all accounts a pretty good movie and I loved to collect 2000AD as a kid. But what do I do? Blockbuster has closed; I can’t buy it; our library may not stock it for months. I could go to Lovefilm or the like, but having looked at their download options it is a far cry from their advertisement. I looked into joining Lovefilm in the new-year and streaming movies on our Wii, perfect, I thought, for my new regime. The advert promised all the latest releases; but no, you don’t get all the latest releases, you get releases from about five years ago for tv series and movies that you don’t want to watch anyway. This was a major disappointment and for me a touch of false advertising.
So, for all the latest movies I will have to go to that one place where I have been for most of the time anyway: the waiting room. Then hope I can remember which movies it was that I wanted to see.

Speaking of Judge Dredd, according to The Huffington Post, this week sees the release of a Dredd strip where his sexuality comes into question. For years Dredd has been portrayed as a hard-line, right-wing fascist who dishes out the law and grinds people down. However, in the latest issue of 2000AD which is out on Wednesday 30th January he kisses a man, or perp as criminals are commonly known in the language of Mega-City One. I find this an exciting avenue to explore for a character that has been around for so long that those of us who have read the stories would feel that we know him. So again, what do I do? Buy this one off comic and pretend that it is printed on glass instead of paper, let it go, don’t read it?

I suppose there is always going to be a time where tough decisions have to be made in the paper-free mind-set; this isn’t an anticipated tough one, but nonetheless, I really don’t know what I should do.

Ask someone else to buy it…

The follwing is trailer for my new book which is currently exclusive to Amazon Kindle.


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