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Overcoming the Sunday papers

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It has been seven days and while most of the week has been absolutely fine without paper I found Sunday to be a bit of a challenge.

Sunday’s are usually a day of doing stuff, but sometimes: every now and then, you have a day free of anything or anyone; when that happens, all too rarely, then what better way to spend it than by reading the Sunday paper. Ah those days of having a lovely cup of tea, perhaps a breakfast of scrambled egg and then sit down, with the radio playing in the background, while you make your way through the enormous mound that is the Sunday paper. The sections: news; review; culture; style; sport; business; money. I would read them all, even if they were of no apparent interest to me. It was a pleasure to while away a few hours in the afternoon by reading, just reading and relaxing. My paper of choice for a Sunday is usually The Times, much as I am not a News Corp. supporter it offers the best selection of inserts. I used to read The Observer, but as I have got older I think my opinions have become more right-wing and The Observer was just too liberal for me. I don’t want to understand why a rapist does what he does; I just want to kill him!

Now, you have to pay for The Times on-line and my experience of reading a newspaper on-line is pretty haphazard to say the least. Gone are the days where I would read articles even if I didn’t apparently want to, instead I am led by my curiosity to the sections that interest me, after which I quickly get bored and start to look at other sites. This is one of the curses to being paper free. I do not own a tablet and will not for the foreseeable future, unless any one of my books takes off allowing me the luxury of buying one. Instead I trust the laptop to guide me through the news, read the headlines, get the general idea of what is going on and then move on to emails or movie trailers or something. This Sunday, I missed stumbling across interesting articles; instead I reverted to Twitter to try to guide me towards blogs or sites that may be of interest. I found one, but I craved more.

Paper-free will be hard as the year drags on I think. I am already near the end of my last paperback book for 2013, The House of Silk, which is a brilliantly realised Sherlock Holmes novel written by Anthony Horowitz. It was a present for my birthday at the tail end of last year and everything after that will be on my Kindle device (I must remember to charge it). But think of the rewards….I’m thinking…oh yes, I will save money and hopefully I will save a few trees. Most importantly I will stick to doing something that I said I wanted to do.

It has been seven days too since I gave up smoking.

The House of Silk is available at Amazon

I have a new book of poems entitled Twen2y Ei8ht, now available at Smashwords and Amazon


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